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Mahin Jaffar

Insights analyst
7 Years
+91 7994080255
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Well; It’s great to be an insights analyst here at Serac. Insights Analysis is less likely to want the minute details of how the analysis was performed, methodology, the painstaking work that went into creating a beautiful presentation. I provide a high-level, simplified look at the key takeouts from your analysis – and a plan for next steps.l.Key Stakeholders will want to see all that Senior Management have seen, with some extra content, without information overload. Where the data came from, if the analysis can be repeated, how the potential next steps might affect themselves, their teams, and the business as a whole .
The role of the analyst, is to ensure that the story fits the needs of the audience. And true value is being able to communicate the same story, with the same data, across different areas of the businessAs for the kinds of stories they tell? Well, they are led by the data, and each can bring incredibly valuable insights to a business. Three of the most common are; customer data, internal process data, and web analytics.
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