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Content Director
3 Years
+91 9747037930
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What am I doing here?The primary role of the Head of Content is the development and optimization of the content department. In this role, the Head of Content ensures that all the business’s narratives and message are in support of the content strategies and editorial decisions that he formulates along with the Director of Communications, Chief Marketing Officer, and key stakeholders. He also oversees the development and management of the business’s brand standards and content style guides, as well as the overall expression of the business’s corporate identity in the content it puts out.

I’m also charged with designing and implementing measurement systems that actively measure, manage, optimize and communicate the performance of the content put out by the business against the business’s operational objectives and strategies. Plus, I also act as a mentor to key content department personnel, ensuring a steady, gradual improvement in their professional skills and gearing them up for the occupation of his position in future.

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